Set to have its world premiere screening (05.23) in the Directors’ Fortnight section, we have your exclusive first look at poster one-sheet for tandem Filipa Reis & João Miller Guerra‘s sophomore fiction feature Légua.

A two-hander set at a sumptuous estate in the north of Portugal deserted by its heirs is now home only to a bigoted elderly housekeeper (Fátima Soares plays the ageing Emília). As she carries out her household chores punctiliously, she is assisted by Ana (a Carla Maciel who is firmly planted in the past as the poster suggests) whose laborer husband has gone to work in France, leaving her and their restless teenage daughter behind. Légua examines the disappearance of an old order left behind by its masters, whose last loving guardians are servants caught between the passivity they know and the re-appropriation of a heritage they understand better than those who hired them.

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