Ágata de Pinho

Ágata de Pinho was born in Porto in 1989 and for the past decade of her life has been bound to theatre and film.

In theatre, besides collaborating with several directors, she also wrote, directed, produced and acted in two plays: "The Bitches Ditch" (2015) and "New Creation" (2016), both co-produced with D. Maria II National Theatre.

Recently, in film, besides continuing her work as an actor in short and feature films, Ágata has been devoting more time to writing and creating. Apart from "Blue Has no Dimensions", her first film, she’s a co-writer on Leonor Teles’ first fiction feature film.

Meanwhile, Ágata is developing her next project, a feature entitled "Femmes de Ménage", for which she was selected for CineCerca 2021, a scriptwriting residency, as well as for the fellowship Dear Doc/Doc’s Kingdom Seminar and for Filmmaking Seminar/Doclisboa IFF, 2021.


Blue Has no Dimensions, 2022

updated on May 2023


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