Luísa Homem

Luísa Homem (1978) is a director, an editor and one of the founder partners of Terratreme Filmes. She studied at Nova University of Lisbon and Paris 8 University, and participated in the documentary course of Ateliers Varan. She co-directed the documentaries “Trading Cities”, with Pedro Pinho, and “Tracking the Naturalists - São Tomé e Príncipe”, with Tiago Hespanha. In 2019, she directed the film “Suzanne Daveau”, about the geographer's life and work. She collaborated in the scriptwriting of the feature film “The Nothing Factory” and “Tomorrow Will Be Another Day”, both directed by Pedro Pinho. As editor she has collaborated with several directors, among them João Vladimiro, Inês Sapeta Dias, Leonor Noivo, Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, Frederico Lobo, Pedro Pinho, Tiago Hespanha, Leonor Teles, Ana Eliseu, Joana Frazão, Raquel Marques, Joana Pimenta e Adirley Queirós, Maria Mire, Takashi Sugimoto, among others. She’s currently developing her first feature fiction, “Assim Vivemos”, and “Orla” another documentary project.


Suzanne Daveau, 2019

Tracking the Naturalists, 2016

Trading Cities, 2014

updated on April 2023

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