The Life We Know
Entre LeirasEntre Leiras
Portugal / Documentary / HD / 82'

In a hamlet of Portugal’s remote inland, between the rivers Douro and Tâmega, there live about thirty people. At the top of a hill, we find sisters Ana and Glória living in an isolated place which the baker, the fishmonger, the grocer, and their children visit once a week. Everything else comes from the soil, which the two sisters work from sunrise to sunset, amidst the strips of farmed land. We follow the agricultural cycle over the course of a year as the relationship between the director and the protagonists ripens. The veil is lifted on these women’s day-to-day lives and their deepest thoughts about life in the countryside, the only life they know.

Featuring: Ana Madureira da Rocha, Maria Glória Madureira da Rocha

Directed by: Cláudia Ribeiro

Image: Cláudia Ribeiro

Sound: Cláudia Ribeiro

Editing: Cláudia Ribeiro, João Miller Guerra, Raul Domingues

Sound Editing: Rúben Santiago

Sound Mixing: Carlos Abreu

Color Grading: Andreia Bertini

Producers: Cláudia Ribeiro, Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra

Produced by: Uma Pedra no Sapato

Funded by: ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

100_Cartaz_Entre Leiras
Design: Maria Taborda

Festivals and Awards

IndieLisboa – Festival Internacional de Cinema

National Competition (PT 08.2020) 

Caminhos do Cinema Português

Selecção Caminhos (PT 11.2020)

Anthropological Film Festival

(PS 11.2020)

Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival

(PT 01.2021) 

Days of Ethnographic Film

(SI 03.2021)

Liberation DocFest Bangladesh

(BD 04.2021)

Construir Cine - Festival Internacional de Cine Sobre el Trabajo

(AR 05.2021)

FECIP - Portoviejo Film Festival

International Documentary Feature Film (EC 06.2021)

Ortigia Film Festival

(IT 07.2021)

Special Mention

NOMA AZORES - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Direitos Humanos

(PT 07.2021)

MDOC - Festival Internacional de Documentário de Melgaço

(PT 08.2021)

Collected Voices Film Festival

(US 09.2021)

Riga Pasaules Film Festival

(LV 09.2021)

Fluvione Film Festival

Out of Limits (IT 09.2021)

Best Feature Film

NAFA – International Ethnographic Film Festival

(PT 09.2021)

Ethnological Documentary Film Festival Kratovo

(MK 10.2021)

Dili International Film Festival

(TL 10.2021)

Porto Femme – Festival Internacional de Cinema

National Competition (PT 10.2021)

Best National Competition Documentary

CineEco – Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela

Portuguese Features Competition (PT 10.2021)

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