Formosa Beach
Praia FormosaPraia Formosa
Brazil, Portugal / Fiction / HD / 90'

Muanza is a woman born in the Kingdom of Kongo and trafficked to Brazil in the early 19th century. When she wakes up from a profound sleep in 2023, she finds herself in a time-twisting Rio de Janeiro, wherein figures from the past and from the present are part of her search for her roots through the city’s territories. Praia Formosa mixes fictional stories and documented characters, historical facts and speculative fabulation. Through the intertwining of time and aesthetics, the film addresses the life that emerges within the city, the struggle against forced deterritorialization and the affects that sustain sisterhood bonds.

Featuring: Lucília Raimundo, Samira Carvalho, Maria D'Aires, Mãe Celina de Xangô

Produced by:
Luana Melgaço (Anavilhana), Julia De Simone (Mirada Filmes), Filipa Reis (Uma Pedra no Sapato)

Funded by: FSA, ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Hubert Bals Fund, World Cinema Fund, RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal
Original Language:
Portuguese, Kikongo, Kimbundo

Festivals and Awards

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Tiger Competition (NL 01.2024)

Films de Femme

Fiction Competition (FR 03.2024)

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