Filipa Reis

Filipa Reis (1977, Lisbon) has been a film director and producer since 2000. With a postgraduate degree in Cinema and Television, in 2008 Filipa founded the production company Uma Pedra no Sapato. Filipa codirected several documentaries with João Miller Guerra, that were selected and awarded at international film festivals including IDFA, Cinéma du Réel, DOK Leipzig and BAFICI. “Djon África”, her debut fiction feature, also codirected with João, premiered at Rotterdam’s Tiger Competition (2018). “Légua” is her second feature. 


Légua, 2023 

Djon Africa, 2018 

On the Side, 2015

The Indispensable Practice of Vagueness, 2014

Fragments of a Participant Observation, 2013 

Cat’s Cradle, 2012 

Bela Vista, 2012

Generation Orchestra, 2011

Li Ké Terra, 2010

updated on May 2023

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